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About: Tapestry Wall hangings/ Throws/ Door hangings (Torans)

  1. Introduction
  2. Tapestry wall hangings
  3. Manufacturing process of tapestry wall hangings
  4. Our Role
  5. Some common types of patchworks for the tapestry wall hangings
  6. Uses of these Tapestry wall hangings
  7. Tapestry Bedding
  8. Tapestry Runners
  9. Tapestry wall hangings sizes
  10. Colors- tapestry wall hangings
  11. Torans Door tapestry wall hangings
  12. Puppets and puppet line wall hangings
  13. Batik Paintings Tapestry wall hangings
  14. Metallic Wall hangings
  15. Ask a question!

Welcome to the about Tapestry wall hangings description page. This page provides some basic knowledge about the products we are providing in this section. You can leave this page anytime and move straight to the index page of the tapestry wall hangings collection by clicking on the links on the right that direct you to the main page of the tapestry wall hangings. You will find lots of the sample thumb pics in the tapestry wall hangings section with a little description leading you to the main pages of each style.

We are whole sellers/ wholesale suppliers/ manufacturers/ Traders of various types of tapestry wall hangings from India. The wide range we cover include the following: Beaded tapestry wall hangings (from moderate beadwork to extensive beadwork tapestry wall hangings, banjara wallhangings, banjara patchwork tapestry wall hangings, kutch tapestry wall hangings(kutchh tapestry all hangings), new beadwork tapestry wall hangings, embroidered tapestry wall hangings, chikan embroidery patchwork tapestry wall hangings, lucknowi embroidery patchwork tapestry wall hangings, batik paintings, tapestry wall hangings, gujrati tapestry wall hangings, disco patchwork tapestry wall hangings, kutchh patchwork new and old tapestry wall hangings, badmere tapestry wall hangings, barmere tapestry wall hangings, antique tapestry wall hangings, Indianwallhangings, vintage patchwork tapestry wall hangings, gujrat tapestry wall hangings, rajathani tapestry wall hangings, pakistani tapestry wall hangings, mirror work tapestry wall hangings, salma work tapestry wall hangings, binni work tapestry wall hangings, banni work tapestry wall hangings, dabka work tapestry wall hangings, new and old beadwork tapestry wall hangings, saree tapestry wall hangings, sitaara lace patchwork tapestry wall hangings, zari work throws and tapestry wall hangings, sitaara tapestry wall hangings,sitaara border tapestry wall hangings, wooden beadwork tapestry wall hangings, aari work (machine and hand) tapestry wall hangings, banarasi brocade tapestry wall hangings, salma work tapestry wall hangings, kundan work patches tapestry wall hangings, sequin work tapestry wall hangings, old gates, antique torans, rajasthani torans, vintage door hangings and many more. We also carry the range of metallic wall hangings with mostly various types of God figures like Lord Shiva, Shiva praivar, Book reading Ganesh, ganeshji in various postures, Maa Durga, Mask wall hangings, sun metallic wall hangings, Om Ganesh wall hangings and more.

Manufacturing process of tapestry wall hangings
Most of the patchwork tapestry wall hangings are made with a common process as mentioned below.

Its the kind of patchwork that matters!

First of all similar kind of patches are collected. Similar kind is like sitaara(sequin work), vintage beadwork, kutch patchwork etc. These patches are taken out from various kinds of vintage or fresh dress material or textiles mainly for the tapestry wall hangings of vintage patches. However for the tapestry wall hangings which are with new work, the work is also done at times specially afresh for the production of these tapestry wall hangings. Different patches with different kinds of work, feature the work of various states, places and communities of India. Like the fulkari work depicts the work of Punjab, Banjara work depicts the work of dessert areas of rajasthan etc. Once the patches are collected. They are pasted together on a canvas sort of material called 'bukram'. The patches are pasted securely and tidily adjuscent to each other with the help of a home made glue. After that they are allowed to dry, preferably in direct sunlight. Once the tapestry wall hangings are dry enough they are then passed on to the process of hand weaving where a bundle of thread called 'dori' is hand stiched along the joints of the patches. This dori moves along the adjuscent edges of the patches moving all across the tapestry wall hangings giving every tapestry wall hanging a different unique look. The dori moves all across the tapestry giving random patterns in every tapestry. However some fixed type of patterns can also be given where the patches are put accordingly. In one of our tapestry wall hangings style from Uma Arts #FW77, the lace which is stiched to the tapestry wall hangings is made to run accross the tapestry wall hanging to give specific beautiful elaborate figures like elephants, peacocks and other floral designs.
Once the dori is stiched to the patches along the tapestry wall hangings giving it a tidy look, it is prepared for the process of dying. Most of the times the tapestry wall hangings are dyed to give it one color to match with the home decor however at times the tapestry wall hangings are not dyed which give them a multi color patch look with a basic ivory color to match all kinds of home decor. Now if the tapestry wall hangings are dyed, their process is a little different than other normal textile dying processes. This process is followed to safeguard the ethnic vintage precious patches used in these tapestry wall hangings. Under this process, the tapestry wall hangings are spread on the floor and then a dyed color is mixed with a luke warm water generally along with salt and a few other agents to make the color fast somewhat. However there is an attempt to make the color fast but due to this hand process in rural places or small houses, the color fastening guarantee cannot be given. The color is then spread across evenly through the tapestry wall hangings and then allowed to dry. It is very important to get the tapestry wall hangings to dry nicely in this stage as any moisture left in the tapestry will lead to a tapestry with defects and imperfections like fungus, odour and loose hangings at later stages.
After the tapestry wall hangings are completely dry, they are then ironed on the reverse side most of the times and then lined at the back. The linings are generally matching or simply black. Once the tapestry wall hangings are completely ready they are undergone a thorough checking for any loose threads or any patches which are loose. We at Uma Arts get each and every tapestry wall hanging pass through the checking unit to pass single- single piece.

At times the patches are new and the work on them is specially done for the production of tapestry wall hangings say for example in one of the styles #FW105 from Uma Arts, the work is done specially for the tapestries a fresh. Here the borders are hand embroidered with lots of mirrorwork and then inturn the borders are used to contruct the tapestries.

Its in the rural areas of India specially parts of Gujrat and Rajasthan, there are special markets where the patches are sold markets like Rajkot in Gujrat and Pushkar in Rajasthan, these patches are sold in a proper market of theirs. The patches reach to these markets through the dealers called the 'Thekedars' in different villages who are the hub of collecting this material from various homes. They are the ones who carry the demands of the markets to the manufacturing homes. The Thekedars provide the raw material to the poor homes and needy majorly housewives to work at home and provide their hand work on the apparel. Once the embroidered textiles are ready, they are then taken to the 'Mandis' (markets) and then to finishers who customise it further in the final form of tapestry wall hangings for the rest of the world meeting the needs of this modern era.

Our Role
Once the patches are collected We convert them to tapestry wall hangings. At times when they even reach in the form of raw tapestry wall hangings. The experts at Uma Arts do
fine alteration of defects by hand, while safeguarding the precious patches and their work. If necessary apart from the normal process of loose thread cutting, pasting and stiching of loose patches we also dry clean the tapestry wall hangings with great care where necessary. A fresh new cloth lining (cotton or blends) is provided to the tapestry wall hangings and sometimes as per the demands of our clients loops for curtain/ tapestry rods are stiched to the base lining.

Some common types of patchworks for the tapestry wall hangings
As mentioned earliar, there are different types of patches that depict the features of different types of communities or areas of India. Some of the most important ones are Fulkari from the northern regions of India, Punjab; Kutch work patches depict the hand work carried out in the region of kutch which is a region in between Gujrat Rajasthan and Pakisthan; Banjara work is work from the banjara community from Rajasthan, known to roam from one place to another for months without any fixed residence. The patches are new and vintage. The vintage/ antique patches could be as old as 150 years old or even more. The ladies do the hand work at homes. The beadwork and the sequin work patches are though from round India but majorly from the regions of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The places also enrich the Indian heritage with the world famous dabka and zardosi works. Thus these patches are then used together to form the various patchwork kind tapestry wall hangings.

Uses of these Tapestry wall hangings
These Tapestry wall hangings are mostly used to hang on the wall to home/office decor. The However these tapestry wall hangings can also be used as throws, or decorate the seiling, floors, bed linen etc.

Tapestry Bedding
The tapestry bedding like #FB29, #FB32, #FB36 give a new dimension to your home decor. Its only with these real exquisite vintage or new hand work patches that mesmorises the senses to a stand still. #FB29 is one of a piece with extensive vintage beadwork patchwork giving a real ethnic look to your room. This special piece weighs around 7-9Kg each. See the whole tapestry bedding section.

Tapestry Runners
The tapestry wall hanging runners are another sizes of the tapestry wall hangings section. These tapestry runners are generaly of the size 20"x60" and mostly all the tapestry wall hangings are produced in the sizes of 20"x60" runners. eg.: #FW69, #FW35. The tapestry wall hangings which are not shown in the runners section, you can ask us to make most of them in the size of runers. See the whole tapestry runners section.

Tapestry wall hangings sizes
The most common sizes running for the tapestry wall hanngings are 20"x60", 40"x60", 48"x72", 60"x90", 80"x100", 90"x108", 90"x114", ( califonia queen, king and more). However since we are manufacturer directly or a part of most of these tapestry wall hangings, you can request us to make a custom size for you.

Colors- tapestry wall hangings
Most of the tapestry wall hangings can be dyed in around 15-20 colors. Being a product from the rural India and unsophisticated units of productions (general small homes), the color matching is not exact upto the shade card. However every attempt is made to match them to the max upto the client requirement. The majority colors that run in the tapestry wall hangings are: Turquoise blue, Red (Crimpson), Maroon, Orange, Royal/ Navy Blue, Russet, Khakhi, Chocolate/ Coffee color, Green parrot/ light, Mehendi, Dark Green, Pink light, Hot pink (Rani Color), Purple, Grey, Yellow, Black and Ivory/ White(without dye). Though these colors are available in most of the tapestry wall hangings, but still we would request you to confirm from us which all styles you chose if they are dyable or not

Torans- Door tapestry wall hangings
Some of the tapestry wall hangings are specialy designed to decorate the doors of your houses. Toran is the native indian name for door hangings. eg.: #FW3, #FW4 etc

Puppets and puppet line wall hangings
These are textile figures of humans or animals and generaly a product of heritage rich Rajasthan.

Batik Paintings wall hangings
One of the hand paintings type in India where the paintings are made on a cloth generely cotton with hand and with not too many colors.

Metallic Wall hangings
This section of wall hangings covers up the metallic hangigns mainly the Indian God Figures like the God Shiva, Shiva Parivar, Maa Durga, various postures of Shri Ganesh and more...


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