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Why is there a SURCHARGE on top of the rates mentioned in front of the style nos?

This website is a manual website and the rates mentioned on this website infront of so many styles were updated one by one over the past years. Now with the passage of time there have been increases in raw materials, labour and various other things which lead to the increase in rates and since this website is not self automated through a database at this time, and it being difficult to update the rate of each and every style, we imposed this system.

Now the surcharge is composed of 2 charges

1. Rate increament: THe rate increament is the increase in raw material, labour running costs etc


2. Currency surcharge: Below is an attempt from us to explain in basic the currency conversion and why we have imposed a mechanism of currency conversion surcharge and how it impacts our international business. The explaination is for a lay-man. If you want a more precise definition/ explaination, please search at live.com, google.com or any other search engine.

What is currency conversion?
- For example, we(suppliers) in India have our native currency INR (Indian National Rupees)and say for example you being a buyer are in US and your currency in your country is USD (United states Dollars). Now the USD trades(exchanges) with INR (exchange rate) at some particular rate say 1 USD = 45.00 INR at some particular time/ date. But it is not always that 1USD will convert in the international market to 45 INR at all times. At times this rate increases or decreases. 1 USD could give you 40 INR and at times it could give you 50 INR, or anything!

What is currency conversion surcharge and why is it imposed?
- The rates mentioned on this website were uploaded around Nov 2006. Since that time the USD has fluctuated to the actual rate of 1 USD=45 INR approximately to 1 USD= 40 INR which is a fall of around 12%.
Now we are producing a particular item and have a selling price of the same over here Ex works of say for example INR 90.00. Now earliar when 1 USD was = 45 INR we charged USD2.00 however now we have to ask for more as we get only INR 80 when you (US buyer) will pay only $2.00
Further the rates on the website are in USD and in order to make it equal to our INR we will have to keep changing it regularly so that we get the right amount when you pay in foreign currency. Though for small fluctuations we absorb the losses, however for any major fluctuations we have to adjust then. Hence rather than changing it again and again on the website, we have introduced a currency surcharge mechanism where we will simply add the persentage to the cost by which dollar has fallen at that time from 1 USd =45INR. [Note: We uploaded the rates when 1.00USD =45.00 INR]

Why this currency conversion surcharge, why not change/update the rates regularly?
-Our website is all manual till today (28-Jun-07) like most of our products and it is difficult to change the rates of all items regularly coping up with the fluctuations of INR with USD every now and then, moreover its also better for the buyers(you) to see one base rate that does not change and then add a persentage everytime when there is a currency conversion fluctuation.

Thus SURCHARGE= Rate increament + Currency Surcharge (for this website)

More queries? Please write to us at shashankshr@yahoo.com

We are manufacturers/ wholesale suppliers/ exporters of various Home Furnishings Items, Readymade Garments (Apparel) and Handicraft (Hand-crafted) accessories shown on this website. Experiance the difference in supplies direct from Uma Arts, from India. Good quality and fantastic wholesale prices.

* There is an additional SURCHARGE which will be added to the rates mentioned on this website. Current surcharge is 26.00%. Why? KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS SURCHARGE.

Discounts and Offs: If you have an order of 500 pc per style or above, please ask for discount.

Further the rates mentioned on this website are Ex works Delhi, India that is other costs including shipping costs are extra. The rates are in USD and are wholesale rates. We donot sell retail at all at this website. Read Our Policy. You can refer www.xe.com to check the conversion rate to your native currency.

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